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Mutant Creakong CX8, 30serv

Our Price: $12.99
Manufacturer: MUTANT
Mutant CreaKong CX8 Product Information

Our creatine powder has been jacking up lifters in nearly 100 countries worldwide, now CREAKONG CX8 raises the standards. This triple-threat formula combines 4 grams of highly absorbable creatine monohydrate, malate, and magnesium-chelate that have been turbo-charged with 4 grams of BCAAs, taurine and our Creatine Synthesizing Matrix (CSM) of precursor amino acids like arginine and methionine. This unique nutrient tech drives internal creatine and ATP production while boosting muscle protein synthesis to support your already amped power efforts. Y'know, like a supercharger forcing oxygen into a v8 engine! Don't leave your results to chance - accelerate your creatine game with CREAKONG CX8. More CREATINE, more POWER, more MUSCLE!

This product is an advanced version of our legendary creatine supplement. While both products provide 3 superior, rapid absorbing forms of creatine, the advanced CREAKONG CX8 version also contains a unique CSM (Creatine Synthesizing Matrix) blend of Methionine, Arginine, and Glycine which work to increase natural creatine production. It also contains added BCAAs and taurine for additional muscle building and performance support.

Each serving delivers 8g of active ingredients, half of which is a triple-creatine blend anchored by the #1 creatine of all time, authentic creatine monohydrate. Lots of people have lots of ideas on how to use creatine, but without a doubt, the best way is to use it CONSISTENTLY at does of 3-5 grams per day. At 4g of creatine per serving, CREAKONG CX8 really only needs to be taken once per day, although we do know many heavy lifters will use 1-2 servings per day. (NNHPD; Hultman et al. 1996; Preen et al. 2003; Bemben et al. 2001; Volek et al. 1999; Vandenberghe et al. 1997)

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