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Gaspari Nutrition PlasmaJet 80tabs

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Product Number: 3010031

Gaspari Nutrition PlasmaJet Product Information

Nitric Oxide (NO) is one of the most powerful muscle building compounds in the human body, so it’s no surprise that countless products claim to be able to offer increased levels. While it’s true that many of these products will boost NO levels, the truth is that none of them are able to do so to such an extent that you notice increased size and strength like we’d expect…until now. PLASMAJET® is a one-of-a-kind NO revolution that places the power for maximal hypertrophic growth firmly in YOUR hands!



Insane Muscle Pumps & Fullness

Huge Gains in Lean Muscle Mass, Stamina, & Strength

Maximum Vascularity & Vasodilation

Enhanced Blood, Oxygen, & Nutrient Delivery To Muscle Cells


The reason you haven’t felt skin splitting pumps or noticed MASSIVE vascularity after taking NO products is the result of one muscle wasting molecule known as the “Arginase Enzyme”. This compound is responsible for converting NO precursors into useless byproducts that give us no benefits while we train. With this enzyme free to roam in our body, it doesn’t matter how many NO boosters we take, the fact is that our body limits how much NO we can make, and won’t let us go beyond our genetic limits.

PLASMAJET® is the first product ever designed to not only increase NO levels, but also completely inhibit and deactivate the Arginase Enzyme before it can negatively impact our gains!

Directions: Each box contains exactly 20 - 4 capsule servings (a month supply). As a dietary supplement, take the entire contents of one and only one blister card (4 capsules) 30-60 minutes prior to weight training with at least 12-24 oz of water or juice. Take PlasmaJet® only on the days you actively workout. Most individuals notice the initial vaso-expansion effects within 15-45 minutes after ingestion. Again, these effects tend to become substantially more visible every few minutes thereafter. PlasmaJet® induces its maximum vaso-expansion/strength inducing effects within 60-90 minutes after ingestion and will taper down to a baseline 6-12 hours after ingestion. Do not exceed one serving per day and five servings per week.

With NO now beyond supra-physiological levels, the rest of the PLASMAJET® formula begins modifying key bodily processes to fully capitalize on the intense muscle building state your body is in. Muscle cells become bathed in strength & power enhancing Adenosine-5-Triphopshate, which works to quickly increase glycogen production. This increase in glycogen causes the muscles to swell in both size and strength, allowing you push beyond genetic limitations and force muscle fibers into explosive growth.

PLASMAJET® is so powerful its effects will be noticed the very first time you use it, and will continue to increase and compound with every additional dosing. Due to this extreme power, PLASMAJET® should never be used more than 5x per week as the rapid onset of new muscle mass requires intense recovery periods. To help facilitate this recovery, increase lean protein consumption from whole foods or Precision Protein™ to make sure muscles get the nutrition necessary to grow at the rate forced upon them by PLASMAJET®.

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(Unknown) 6/23/2008 2:41 PM
have tried a few nitric products and have to give this stuff the biggest rap....period.....insane pumps and can feel it working within the hour...also the vascularity goes mental.....only have to take it every 3 days is a blessing, ok maybe 10 caps is alot but the other products i used were 8 a day so i cannot see any problems taking 2 extra and having 2 days off.....bloody unreal gear will never look at another nitric product again....and you are a fool if you do.....
out of control !!! questwon
Anonymous (Unknown) 7/5/2008 4:45 PM
this is truly one of the best nitric supplements i have ever just 24hrs saw remarkable results!! unbelievable long-lasting pumps and lean gains! feel bigger than the hulk!gaspari nutrion has gone above and beyond on this one! dont sleep and pick it up ASAP !
Best product yet....
Anonymous (Unknown) 4/7/2009 3:56 PM
I love this product it works great i really recomended....
Anonymous (Unknown) 6/24/2009 3:30 PM
This is the ticket for getting BIG!!!
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