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ALRI HumaPro 300 tabs

Our Price: $40.95
Manufacturer: ALR INDUSTRIES
ALRI HumaPro Product Information

40 grams is equivalent to 224 grams of whey protein isolate!

Once again, ALRI is on the cutting edge of sports nutrition - this time in the protein category with HumaPro! HumaPro is a revolutionary supplement breakthrough that ALRI has been working on since 1998! This truly one of a kind protein matrix claims that 1 gram of HumaPro is the equivalent of almost 6 grams of the standard whey protein isolate cluttering the market today - now that is progress! In addition, HumaPro claims to be 99% which will be extremely beneficial to those seeking to add muscle, recovery and even keep the body fat levels low. One of the success ingredient factors of HumaPro is the specific vegetable origin 8 essential amino acid profile. The extended time-release proprietary anti-catabolic and insulingenic aspect of HumaPro makes it very effective. In addition to nutrient repartioning and enhanced NNU / cellular nutrient uptake, HumaPro is essentially and potential the best protein source coming to the market today!

  •  A 99:1 Ratio complete protein
  • Anti-Catabolic Support
  • Enhanced NNU and Cellular Nutrient Up-Take
  • Nutrient Repartitioning That Starves the Fat and Feeds Lean Mass
  • A decrease in growth/recovery limiting Myostatin (No joke)
  • The Best Protein Source on the Planet

What is HumaPro

Humapro™ is a patent pending one of a kind protein matrix that we started working on in 1998. Humapro™ starts with a specific vegetable origin 8 essential amino acid (EAAs) formulation that takes into account the exact HUMAN enzymic conversion of, and utilization rates for, all amino acids the body needs for optimal health. Did you know that if you removed even one of the EAAs from your diet for the day your body would use none of the protein you take in? Okay, for lean mass growth that is. The human body will use the insufficient protein to make glucose, if needed, certainly store some as fat and give you plenty of me time in the bathroom to deposit the lions share. So an exact ratio is paramount. Why? The human body makes literally thousands of amino acids from the 8 EAAs so they must be in the right ratios for the right conversion rates. Enlarge the chart below to get an idea of just how complex this metabolic miracle isand a better idea as to why the correct ratios results in a nearly pure complex.

The Protein

We nanosized certain EAAs so all 8 EAAs pass through the GI and into the body at the same rate to assure that all 8 EAAs are present at the protein receptors at the same time. If they arent, you again limit potential. We did this for maximal results and to allow for a immediate release ingestion to assimilation time of 20-25 minutes depending upon your GI track. Oh, did I mention that Humapro™ has a caloric count of 0.4 calories per gram? Regular proteins have a calorie value of 4 calories per gram. Talk about no waste so you have a tighter waist! Think about how much more healthy food you can eat to stimulate growth, performance and health whether dieting or increasing lean mass. 

Oh, but insulingenic compounds inhibit fat loss and increase SHBG. Y More SHBG means less in short. Well, we at ALR Industries do not do kitchen sink formulas! The fractional extraction process we worked on for the last 4 years creates a series of insulingenic compounds that are lipolytic meaning they inhibit fat from feeding rather than increase it. This allows Humapro™ to act as a repartitioning product as well in favor of lean mass low fat augmentation by everyone. By the way, the insulingenic matrix we created also does not increase SHBG like natural or medical insulin does.

Oh, and yes its true that many anti-catabolic compounds decrease joint and connective tissue lubrication but ours doesnt. Instead of inhibiting the production of cortisone (supports and maintains good joint and connective tissue health) like many so-called anti-catabolic compounds, we inhibited the non-essential increase in cortisol. As a rule the body sees stress like training, long work hours, a pissed off significant other or dieting as a trigger to increase cortisol which in turn decreases lean mass, hinder performance and slows recovery. It also doesnt do anything good for our cardio vascular systems or organs. The way this occurs is predominantly through conversion of cortisone to cortisol. Personally I would rather recover faster, perform better with healthy joints and connective tissue.

This means Humapro™ is the ultimate foundation or sole protein source for mixed, keto or even high carbohydrate diets. No other protein has beaten us yet! Cool, huh?

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size:5 tablets

Servings per Container: 60


Ingredient         Amount            % Daily Value**

Nanosized Essential Amino Acid IR(Immediate Release)           5.15g  

Proprietary Matrix:                  

-L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenyl Alanine                       

-L-Threonine, L-Methione, L-Trytophane, L-Leucine Malate               

Extended Time Release Proprietary Anti-catabolic and Insulingenic Matrix:        210mg

Vitamin and Mineral NNU Co-Factors                        

Vitamin B-1      .7mg    

Vitamin B-3      9.0mg  

Vitamin B-6      1.0mg  

Vitamin B-12    1.5mcg            

Magnesium Citrate        87.5mg            

Calcium Carbonate       175mg

** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

† Daily Value not established.

  Directions from ALR

Take Five (5) tablets 20 minutes prior to training or competition and immediately following. Ingest 25 minutes prior to any other protein or amino acids and at least 2 hours after any meal or drink containing protein or amino acids. May be taken with Chain'd Out or Chain'd Reaction Ultra-Volumize, Chain'd Reaction Ultra-Keto or Chain'd Reaction Ultra-Stamina. Athletes may take up to ten (10) tablets per serving at least 2 hours apart up to six (6) times daily.
Disclaimer from ALR
Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women or individuals with hypoglycemia or diabetes. Individuals under the age of 18 years old should only use this product under the supervision of a physician. This product is intended for use by healthy individuals only. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not use in conjunction with glucose-lowering agents or other prescription medication. If you experience hyperglycemia, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headaches, fever or stomach pain discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Chef Emy ;-)
Emy Silvagni (Long Island, NY) 5/29/2010 6:12 AM
I was going to wait a bit longer for my review, but the results I've gotten in less than 2 weeks (as of Sat 5/29) are nothing short of outstanding. I started HumaPro (this was the only change to my prep) Monday, 5/17 @ 169.5 lbs, as of today, Saturday 5/29 I am a MUCH leaner 154, & look as big & full as a house. My strength has gotten "stupid strong" -- Several days ago a guy walks by me as I'm doing Hammer Iso-Lateral shoulder presses with 115 on each side and says "THAT'S GUY WEIGHT!!" -- Yep I take HumaPro as follows: 5 in the AM, 10 Pre-Training, 10 Post-Training & 5 1 hr Before Bed. Now, this has allowed me to significantly REDUCE the amount of animal protein I'm consuming, so there's less waste in my system and my abdominal area has flattened significantly. I'm a firm believer in ALR Products -- adding HumaPro to my prep was the smartest thing I could've done!
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